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    Pristine NiO Nanosheets Arrays won the Diamond Award during the UiTM Electrical Engineering Invention, Innovation & Design Competition

    A project led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Hafiz Mamat entitled “The Development of Pristine NiO Nanosheets Arrays by Novel Solution Immersion Method” was announced as the winner for the Diamond Award in this competition. This project produces NiO Nanosheets Arrays using low cost and low production time. Previously, the equipment used was an autoclave that cost more than RM 2000 and over 12 hours, but through a technique called Sonicated Sol-Sel immersion, the required cost is less than RM 100 and the required time is less than 6 hours. These Nanosheets Arrays have the highest potential in fabrication of electronic devices such as super-capacitor and solar cell sensor.  The same project also won the Industrial Choice Award and the Best Sci-Tech Innovation Award.

    The competition, has been an annual event organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, (UiTM), Malaysia since 2009. The main aim of this competition is to select the best potential projects to represent the faculty to the esteemed design and innovation competitions at national and international levels. This time around, the faculty received 63 entries from various research areas from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM, Malaysia. The theme for 2019 was “Innovation for Sustainable Environment”.

    The competition succeeded in encouraging researchers to highlight their research novelties and innovation ideas in their respective working areas. At the same time, it exposed them with the experience of delivering their research findings to the industry and other higher institutional panels. Through this platform, the efforts of these researchers in producing the successful outcomes were appreciated.

    On the other hand, the Best Social Innovation Award was given to the team led by Ir Dr Norashikin M Thamrin with the project title “Smart IoT System for Sustainable Water Quality Management in Selangor”. For the Best Education Innovation Award, it was given to Mrs Wan Noraishah Wan Abdul Munim and her team with the title of “Post-Fault Tolerant of Symmetrical Five, Six, Seven & Nine-Phase Induction Machine Under Open Circuit Fault with Single and Two Isolated Neutral Points Using Graphical User Interface”. This year around, the competition offered 20 places for Gold Award, 20 Silver Award and 23 Bronze Award.

    “Reconnect your World with Sustainable Environment”



    Prepared by: Ir. Dr. Norashikin M Thamrin & Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Nur Ashida Salim

    Edited by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Geetha Subramaniam, Fellow, InQKA, UiTM