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    President University students shines at Taylor’s Lakeside Model United Nations Malaysia

    Four President University students made an incredible achievement in the Taylor’s Lakeside Model United Nations that held on August 28-30 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    In this event, Hiu Sau Ping (International Relations 2018) got the Most Outstanding Delegate award on his role as a delegation of China in the United Nations Security Council forum which discussed the cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. In the same event, Lukas Mikael (International Relations 2017) and Mohamad Dafiryan (International Relations 2018) also won the Verbal Commendation Awards on their role as Russia delegation in G20 forum which discussed economics, technology, health, and trade war. Meanwhile, Febryan Sukma Limanus (International Relations 2017) got the opportunity to serve as President of the Security Council.

    Taylor’s Lakeside Model United Nations is one of the most prestigious MUN competition series in Malaysia. This event brought more than 200 participants from all over Malaysia, as well as delegates from ASEAN countries such as Philippines, Indonesia and many more.

    Hiu Sau Ping shared that mindful preparation had been made by the President Model United Nations Club to guide them before the event. One of the most important things to do is to conduct research on the topic given.

    “When we decided to register for TLMUN, we always tried to do our best. We have set a target to get an award and now we have achieved it. We hope we can encourage other students at President University to join MUN International,” said Hiu Sau Ping.

    Furthermore, this event provides an opportunity for participants to voice their opinions also provide constructive advice to overcome problems. The process involves research skills, public speaking, debating, and writing, as well as critical thinking skills, teamwork, and leadership, and each of them will be assessed by a professional leader.