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    NKUHT (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism) won 1 gold, 14 silver, and 10 bronze medals from the 20th FHC Chinese international culinary arts competition!

    Students from NKUHT’s western culinary arts department attended the 20th FHC Chinese international culinary arts competition under the leadership of department chairman Eddie Chen, and their outstanding performance has earned them 1 gold, 14 silver, and 10 bronze medals on November 15! Worth noting is that the teamwork demonstrated by the students were well received by the judges, which earned them 1st place in the school teamwork category! It is evident that NKUHT’s students not only possess outstanding culinary skills, their teamwork capabilities are also unanimously praised by the competition’s judges. Their excellence is undeniable!

    This event also coincided with the 3rd anniversary of NKUHT’s Shanghai Alumni Association. Having NKUHT’s alumni sing the school anthem together in the same room did wonders to build pride and spirit for NKUHT! President, Pearl Lin, also sent her congratulations instantly! Here, we would like to once again thank Chairman Chen’s guidance and commitment, as well as the students for their tireless learning and outstanding professionalism as they earned prestige and fame for NKUHT!

    Students and faculty staff from NKUHT have repeatedly won awards in major international competitions, amply demonstrating to observers the school’s commitment to industry-relevant education in the hospitality and tourism, as well as educational objective and vision to combine both theoretical and practical essentials. The outstanding performance of students and faculty staff, as well as widespread recognition has confirmed NKUHT’s reputation as the learning hub of Taiwan’s hospitality and tourism elites, critical industry partner, and the leading example in hospitality and tourism education.