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    Mining University’s new strategy on postgraduate education shortens innovation cycle

    The Saint-Petersburg Mining University motivates postgraduate students to take on scientific projects of applied value. In addition, it facilitates their solutions’ development over the entire period – from coming up with an idea to presenting a thesis paper.

    As mining companies have a great interest in introducing the newest scientific developments as soon as possible, Mining University elaborated a viable mechanism for the education of postgraduate students.

    It encompasses all stages and ends in the thesis project. The research work carried out throughout studies is subject to a rigorous plan with a well-established system of control and motivation, which finally leads to gaining the required competencies.

    Postgraduate students are encouraged to start early on research activities. The new guideline on conducting laboratory works serves the purpose. Yet before proceeding to further education, undergraduates have an amount of laboratory work to accomplish. Since there is no pre-defined time for this, they can choose how and when to do it individually.

    As a result of Mining University’s comprehensive approach to improving postgraduate training, 80% of its PhD students decide to continue working at the university upon completing their studies.

    Some most recent successfully presented theses include works of Angelika Yeremeyeva and Shamil Islamov. Both St. Petersburg Mining University’s PhD students completed their education half a year ahead of schedule. One of them researched the cost reduction of repairing oil wells. The other focused on improving the working conditions of underground staff at coal mines.

    Angelika Yeremeyeva offered an alternative technology to reduce the concentration of harmful gases emitted in coal mines whilst operating diesel-hydraulic locomotives. The technology has been already licensed and protected by four patents.

    Shamil Islamov’s thesis is devoted to optimising the preparatory process before commencing the underground repair of oil wells.

    Latest Posts

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