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    Millennials in medicine: doctors of the future

    Millennials are people born from the early or middle 1980s up till early 2000s. However, there are alot of negative thoughts and stereotypes and the positives about this cohort are generally unheard of. The Millennials are the most educated generation, diverse and tech-savvy group of individuals who are contributing a lot to the world. Also, they are committed to making an impact to society, they want to change the world and innovate.

    Listen to what Dr. Daniel Wozniczka, M.D., has to say about the current healthcare system. “[…] even though I love medicine, I don’t really love my job. […] normally talks about what really goes into the day-to-day work of a doctor and how much of it has absolutely nothing to do with medicine. […] every hour i’ll take care of a patient, I’ll spend two hours filling out forms.”

    Dr. Daniel Wozniczka, M.D., is a Chicago physician with a passion for creating real world solutions which advance healthcare for both patients and physicians.He is also currently completing his MBA and MPH degrees at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He believes that the future generation of physicians is capable of revolutionising medicine both locally and globally.

    Participate in the upcoming QS Subject Focus Summit – Medicine under the theme of “Advancing the Medical and Health Sciences: Education, Research & Collaboration” from 23-25 January 2019 in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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