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    London School of Business and Finance launches new executive miniLLM in International Business Law

    London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has launched an Executive miniLLM in International Business Law.

    The executive short course provides a broad overview of topics that are offered in a traditional LLM, making it an ideal stepping-stone to further law studies for legal practitioners, junior lawyers and working professionals. Certified by LSBF UK, the miniLLM runs for either 14 weeks, including one evening class a week or the option to study for a continuous period of five days at LSBF’s Central London campus.

    Shane De Fonseka, Academic Director for LSBF Executive Education, said: “The course covers a wide range of content including an overview of Corporate Governance, International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, International Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law and an Introduction to International Competition Law.

    “Our course is taught by UK-based practising lawyers and lecturers who teach law at some of the most prestigious universities in London.”

    The new programme aims to significantly enhance delegates’ knowledge of business law and affiliated fields through an extensive curriculum covering the fundamental aspects of International Business Law.

    Introduction to Corporate Governance

    This part of the programme looks at the theoretic aspects of corporate governance alongside the development of corporate governance codes and governance in continental Europe. Students in this area can also look at corporate governance in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa, India or Brazil as an alternative to Europe.

    Introduction to International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

    International commercial litigation, arbitration, parallel proceedings and Lis pendens are covered in this section of the programme. Additionally, students investigate anti-suit injunctions, recognition and enforcement of judgements under the common law and the effect of repeal of the Lugano Convention.

    Introduction of International Trade Law

    This area highlights the introduction of trade law and the basic characteristics compared to national and regional trade as well as exploration of international rules and institutions that govern international trade law.

    Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

    Intellectual property law, the rights it relates to and the introduction to copyright, patents, trademarks and designs are covered in this section. Students are invited to explore the international rules and institutions that govern intellectual law such as WIPO.

    Introduction to International Competition Law

    This aspect of the course explores the challenges faced by international businesses and the understanding of horizontal and vertical agreements. It highlights the cartel offence in the UK and enforcement powers, as well as the role of the Competition and Markets Authority and antitrust laws in the USA. It is also an introduction to the UK enforcement of the Competition Act 1998/2001 and company director disqualification.

    Delegates on the Executive miniLLM will acquire the practical, day-to-day skills required in the legal profession, explore the general frameworks of law and assess their impact on businesses.