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    Lingnan University Launches the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Global Liberal Arts Programme

    Lingnan University, as a premier liberal arts university in Hong Kong distinguished by outstanding teaching, scholarship and community engagement, is committed to providing quality whole-person education that combines the best of Chinese and Western liberal arts traditions. Beginning in Fall 2019, the University will offer an innovative Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Global Liberal Arts programme (GLAP) for inquisitive, ambitious and talented students from around the world. The GLAP students will have extraordinary opportunity to gain overseas learning experience and study in interdisciplinary subjects that they are passionate about under the guidance of distinguished and dedicated faculty and mentors.

    The programme will provide students with an academically challenging, yet flexible curriculum, specifically designed to expand their intellectual horizons and refine their interpersonal and social skills to enable them to realise their ambitions and dreams. GLAP is explicitly designed to educate and prepare Global Leaders of tomorrow – individuals who are well-educated, cosmopolitan in outlook, confident and capable of tackling the many challenges facing Hong Kong and the world with innovative solutions that are reasoned, practical and guided by the principles of moral and ethical leadership and for the service of common good.

    The GLAP is specially designed with a number of key features. First of all, the GLAP is an inter-disciplinary programme with focused professional study areas. The GLAP curriculum is comprised of core and elective courses across disciplines. Students are entitled to a studying focus in one of the areas among (1) Global Business and Entrepreneurship, (2) Arts, Science, Technology and Society, (3) Greater China: History, Culture and Society and (4) Globalisation: Challenges and Opportunities. Under the individual guidance of professors, students are required to integrate the multi-campus experience and interdisciplinary knowledge to conduct a capstone project.

    Another signature feature is the multi-campus and multi-country learning experience. Global experience forms an integral part of the programme. Students can study abroad in two (up to three) different continents (Africa, Americas, Asia, Australasia or Europe) at the University’s extensive partner university network or as visiting students for short-term programmes or semester-long programmes in some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including King’s College London and Peking University. The University will sponsor the air tickets and tuition fees for visiting programmes.

    Lingnan University Launches the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Global Liberal Arts Programme
    GLAP students can study abroad in two (up to three) different continents.

    Last but not least, every GLAP student will be assigned a mentor who will share his/her life experience and success stories in academic study and career building with their mentees. The mentors, including The Honorable Bernard Charnwut Chan GBS JP, Mr Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen JP and Prof. Frederick Ma Si-hang GBS JP, are distinguished and committed Hong Kong and Global Leaders with splendid achievements in their careers. They are willing to devote their time and efforts to provide career advice to their mentees.

    For more information about the programme, please visit: https://www.LN.edu.hk/global-liberal-arts.