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    Leading PEI LSBF Singapore extends offer and launches platform LSBFx

    The London School of Business and Finance in Singapore (LSBF Singapore) is happy to announce the launch of LSBFx.com, its new online learning platform for students and professionals anywhere around the world.

    LSBFx.com allows learners from across the globe to upskill themselves and have access to professional programmes at their fingertips. The platform provides information on each programme including what it outlines and who it is for as well as the learning outcome. Learners have also an option to choose programmes that are delivered live online or access the pre-recorded, on-demand courses.

    The platform features an easy-access interface offering a convenient enrolling process from browsing to checkout. Users can see programme details, their duration, and lecturer profiles as well as enrolling directly on the website. Additionally, students are also given the opportunity to ask questions directly via the LSBF WhatsApp channel.

    LSBFx.com provides professional courses in accountancy and nano certificates in law, management, IT, language, executive education and communication. The platform also features student testimonials and reviews to aid the decision-making process.

    As an introductory offer, LSBF offers learners complimentary courses as well as an 10% discount on programmes on the LSBFx platform.

    Commenting on the launch, Rathakrishnan Govind, CEO of LSBF Global, says: “At LSBF Singapore, we understand the fast-changing and challenging professional world and the importance to continuously develop a relevant skillset. We are delighted to extend our offer with LSBFx and make high-quality education as accessible as possible.”

    Latest Posts

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