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    Kazakhstan would meet EU standards thanks to a KazNARU research project

    Kazakh wines would meet Euro standards thanks to the implementation of the research results of a Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (KazNARU) research project.

    Scientists of KazNARU’s Research Institute ‘Agronomy and Ecology’ have successfully adapted a European model of cultivation for technical grape varieties in relation to soil and climatic conditions in the south and South-East of Kazakhstan.

    The technology uses a new combined method of forming technical varieties of grapes, based on rationing the number of eyes and shoots, by pruning, debris with subsequent minting of shoots.

    The new method ensures the yield of technical grape varieties from 200 to 300 centners from 1 hectare, which meets the requirements of GOST for the wine varieties. Using this method Kazakhstan can now produce Euro-standard wines.