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    ITS students design an eco-friendly electric car

    Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students have designed an eco-friendly electric car called i-Deora. This innovation recently won 2nd place in the Car Design category at 2021 PLN Innovation & Competition in Electricity (ICE) event.

    The students behind this innovation are the member of SACH-MOLINA ITS team. Muhammad Haekal Shafi, Ian Reyhan Junior, Fahreza Aji Taruna, Fikriyubi Fertomo, Rhema Agi Magiza, Muhammad Rumi Latif, Fahri Humaidi, Tengku Rafly Rizqulloh, Riqy Rizqyandra, and Athaariq Ardhiansyah are part of this team.

    The leader of the team, Muhammad Haekal Shafi, explained that the development of i-Deora has prioritized not only the engine system but also the exterior and interior design itself, so that the car can become an everyday urban vehicle. Moreover, i-Deora has been designed using V-shape diagram rules.

    The first stage was reviewing the existing literature, market needs, and potential ideas. After the first stage, the team continued with planning research on design, models, and engine specifications. Furthermore, i-Deora is expected to be produced for commercial purposes.

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