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    International summer school «central asia»

    On June 1, 2019, International summer school “Central Asia” started at Department of religious and cultural studies, Faculty of philosophy and political science. Attendees (51 participants) of summer school are delegate from University of Zurich headed by PhD doctor, Professor Peter Finke. Professor Peter Finke is an international partner of the Department of religious and cultural studies, have been worked within the Visiting Professor program, several PhD doctors defended under his leadership, organized the summer school at the University of Zurich for master students of the Department, is also the foreign scientific supervisor of current PhD students majoring in “Cultural Studies”. Main research interests are cultural identity of Kazakhs in Mongolia, China, cultural and social relations of the peoples of Central Asia. The remaining members of the school are staff members, professors of the faculties of art and social sciences, theology, the business school, and the Halle-Zurich Center for Anthropological Studies of Central Asia (CASCA).

    According to the schedule, on June 1, Professor Peter Finke held an introductory lecture on culture, history, anthropology of the peoples of Central Asia for colleagues from the University of Zurich. June 2, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor, Director of the Center for the study of contemporary China at the University Nabizhan Mukhametkhanuly gave a lecture «China and Central Asia». During the lecture, Professor Nabizhan Mukhametkhanuly acquainted with the history of the development of relations between the peoples of Central Asia and China from the early centuries to the modern period, as well as the prospects of development, replied many questions of the audience regarding the political influence of China on Kazakhstan. Attendees of the summer school showed interest and activity during the lecture.

    Attendees of the international summer school attended cultural programs, visited Khorgos International Center for cross-border cooperation for duty-free trade between China and Kazakhstan, historical and cultural sites in Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Bishkek, ulanbator (Mongolia).

    The international summer school lasted until June 10.