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    HKBU establishes the School of Creative Arts

    To further augment human creativity in the world of arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) will establish the School of Creative Arts with effect from 1 July with a revitalised vision to nurture the next generation of creative talent for Hong Kong, and contribute to the city’s development as a creative arts hub for China and the world.

    Professor Alexander Wai, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU, said: “Recent advancements in digital technology have opened up new avenues in the world of arts. On top of this, the Government’s Policy Address in 2021 expressed its vision to position Hong Kong as Asia’s city of culture and creativity. The National 14th Five-Year Plan also raised the level of support for Hong Kong to help it develop into a hub for arts and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

    “By capitalising on the new opportunities and the latest technological advancements, and with the synergies created by the establishment of the School of Creative Arts, the University will take the development of the creative arts to a higher level, and set new standards for future teaching and research.”

    The School of Creative Arts will be comprised of three constituent academic units, namely the Academy of Film, Academy of Music and Academy of Visual Arts. By integrating related talent and resources of the University, it will be a place where great minds in the creative arts and technology can meet, and it will provide HKBU with a strong platform to advance the arts and culture, as well as art-tech, in Hong Kong and the region.

    Professor Johnny ML Poon, Associate Vice-President (Interdisciplinary Research) and Dr Hung Hin Shiu Endowed Professor in Music at HKBU, has been appointed as the School’s Founding Dean.

    “The School of Creative Arts is well poised to disrupt creative practice and art education in film, music and visual arts. Certain aspects of the world of arts – namely, its creative genealogy and methodology – require a radical rethink. A new framework of education and research is needed for artists to ‘think’ about futurity.

    “Inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote ‘the best way to predict your future is to create it’, the new school, rooted in HKBU’s liberal arts ethos and transdisciplinary inquiries, aims to interrogate the infinite acts of human creativity, reassess the different roles of the arts in our time, and create new artistic opportunities for the future,” said Professor Poon.

    The School of Creative Arts attaches great importance to transdisciplinary teaching and learning to nurture future-ready talent for Hong Kong and the nation who can innovate solutions and tackle the challenges of the times through ideation that transcends the boundaries of disciplines. On top of the existing programmes offered by the University in the disciplines of acting, film, music and visual arts, two new transdisciplinary programmes, namely the Bachelor of Arts and Science (Hons) in Arts and Technology and the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration (Global Entertainment), will be launched by the University in the 2022/23 academic year, and they will be housed in the School.

    In terms of research and professional development, the integrated talent pool of the School of Creative Arts, which comprises experts from different arts disciplines, can facilitate broader collaboration with local and overseas universities, research institutions, government departments, professional bodies and industries.

    Furthermore, the School’s capacity to fuel the development of the creative arts will be substantially strengthened with the expected completion of the Jockey Club Campus of Creativity in 2024, which will feature state-of-the-art facilities for a comprehensive range of creative arts disciplines.

    With the School’s strengthened focus on the development of the creative arts for the future and the synergies created by the strategic realignment of its resources, it is expected that the University’s knowledge output in the creative arts and its impact can be maximised, enabling HKBU to become the research and education hub for the creative arts, culture and related industries in Hong Kong for China and the world.