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    Global Mobility in Higher Education: Students Apply Where They are Encouraged

    A new analysis that examined U.S. student visas issued last year discovered a 17 percent decline in numbers. This decline was particularly obvious for students from India (28 percent) who are one of the major groups of international students in the United States.

    On the contrary, in the present 2017-18 academic year, a minimum 122,000 international students are found pursuing an education in the Dutch higher education system. This is the highest number ever recorded compared to the 2016-17 academic year. Further, the Netherlands currently hosts close to 5,000 international PhD students. Sweden universities were carrying out similar acts for international students, capitalising on the perceived policy changes in the United States and uncertain mobility environment in the United Kingdom as a result of the Brexit vote.

    It is however evident that many institutions worldwide are including English language into their medium of instruction as means to increase international enrollment. While many factors influence students’ decision to take a university course, students tend to move to places where they are encouraged, embraced and supported.

    Source: AACSB

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