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    Rapidly Emerging Smart Cities & The Associated Risks

    An outline of a smart city include the effectiveness of web connectivity, analytics, mobile data solutions, sensors, data collection and other scientific know-how. The purpose of gathering smart city data is to facilitate the conception of innovative distinct products and service that can advance the quality of life in a smart city. Smart cities have the potential to resolve various challenges. However, at the same time, the use of technology can result in serious threats such as privacy concerns and cyberattacks, including cyberterrorism.

    With sensors being infixed into our cities and the utilisation of smartphones, smart cities will have the capacity to determine the daily activities of citizens. As smart cities get smarter, privacy issues will become even more prominent. At present, cities like Singapore, San Francisco and London are already tapping into urban sensors, geotracking and real-time analytics for smart city development. The data received with be matched with further information collected from IoT devices and smart grids which will result in grave implications for people’s privacy and right to self-determination. Data collected by online sensors across smart cities will also be owned by several corporations, including internet service providers (ISPs).

    As a city gets smarter, it will become more prone to threats, particularly to cyberattacks. A cyberattack is threatening when the target is a hospital or other healthcare facility which are part of smart city networks. Smart cities are also at risk of ransomware attacks. Transportation in a smart city can be targeted by hackers, resulting in adversities. Therefore, security measures will have to be put in place into any smart city framework and will have to be scrutinised in detail.

    Source: Bleeping Computer

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