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    Education, the key to women empowerment

    Key to women empowerment

    Many underprivileged girls in India often do have access to education. Therefore, MV Foundation is one organisation established with the goal to help these underprivileged girls and educate them so that they can be independent and empowered in every sense.

    The foundation’s Residential Bridge Course for girls is a programme supported by the State government. It aims to provide education and other facilities to children who have dropped out of school or are working as child labourers. Volunteers of the foundation will visit the city’s slum areas and persuade parents to place their children in the foundation’s bridge course. These girls will receive basic education for periods ranging from six months to two years before being sent to the Government Residential Schools to acquire further education.

    Hundreds of girls have since been taking advantage of this programme and are getting on well in their lives. S Pushpa Latha, aged 16, is one of the girls who is currently utilising the facility. During an interview with The Hans India, she said “I love my parents, but I do not want to go home as I cannot convince them about my need for my higher education”.

    Source: The Hans India