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    Dr Sri Fatmawati Recognized as First Woman in Indonesia as 2023 Young Affiliate by UNESCO’s The World Academic of Sciences

    In a significant recognition for Indonesian scientist, Dr. Sri Fatmawati from Department of Chemistry at ITS, has been honored as a Young Affiliate by UNESCO’s The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in 2023, highlighting her exceptional work in natural products research. The distinction offers promising prominent researchers from developing nations, like Dr. Fatmawati with invaluable connections and opportunities for professional development within the global scientific community.

    TWAS, in collaboration with its Regional Partners, annually selects up to 25 scientists under the age of 40 from developing nations as Young Affiliates. These individuals, distinguished by a minimum of 10 international publications and a demonstrated potential for impactful careers, are granted a six-year tenure filled with opportunities for networking, collaboration, and participation in prestigious events such as the TWAS General Meeting.

    Dr. Fatmawati’s selection underscores her pioneering research in natural products, spanning herbal plants from 27 provinces of Indonesia and unveiling novel insights that promise transformative impacts on traditional herbal medicine known as ‘Jamu’. As the researcher-in-charge of ITS Djamoe, a transformative production of Jamu from the Natural Products and Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory, her work notably centered on the exploration of indigenous plants for medicinal purposes, embodies a new frontier in harnessing the rich biodiversity of Indonesia for the betterment of society.

    As a TWAS Young Affiliate, Dr. Fatmawati looks forward to forging collaborations with esteemed TWAS Fellows, exploring avenues for joint projects, and contributing to the advancement of natural products research on a global scale. With her participation in the annual TWAS meetings and access to a vast network of scholars and policymakers, she envisions catalyzing meaningful change in traditional healthcare development.