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    Dentolaser, a dental therapy device with laser technology to be mass produced soon

    Universitas Airlangga Startup Business Development and Incubation Board brought together UNAIR researchers with the business and industrial world (DUDI) on Friday, February 26, 2021. The meeting discussed Dentolaser innovative products.

    The Dentolaser device was developed by researchers and lecturers at Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Suryani Dyah Astuti, M.Si. with the research team, Prof. Dr. Ernie Maduratna Setyawati, drg., M.Kes., SpPerio (K) and Deni Arifianto, S.Si., MT

    Dentolaser products that will be mass-produced are medical instruments that can be used by dentists as a dental and oral therapy tool with laser technology.

    “This device is for oral and dental therapy, such as periodontitis, endodontics, or all diseases caused by bacteria,” explained Prof. Ernie.

    But in addition to dentists, she continued, Dentolaser can also be used for general practitioners, especially for skin diseases, such as acne or diabetic ulcers. According to Prof. Dyah, this product must be mass-produced immediately because it has already appeared in the e-catalog.

    UNAIR research team and industry, in this case PT. Sarandi Karya Nugraha will coordinate more intensely. Prof. Dyah said, all certification processes have been completed and now it is being continued with the process of transferring technology to the industry, because in the production process, the industry must know how the device works and what components are needed.

    “Even though we have submitted certificates, distribution permits and production permits, and those were already written there. But the production process must go through technology transfer. So today we are talking about the technology transfer process from UNAIR to the industry, ” she explained.

    Prof. Dyah added that later UNAIR will produce electronic circuits, as the core or brain of the instrument. Meanwhile, the assembling, casing, and packaging processes will be carried out by PT Sarandi Karya Nugraha. “Hardware and software for dentolaser instrumentation systems will be produced at UNAIR,” she said.

    The meeting was also attended by Dr. Muhammad Nafik Hadi Ryandono, SE, M.Si., as Head of the Start-up Business Development and Incubation Board (BPBRIN) and industrial partner, President Director of PT. Sarandi Karya Nugraha, Isep Gojali. Isep hoped that this collaboration can continue in the future so it can provide many benefits to the wider community.

    “Hopefully it can be continued, so we can help dentists. There are benefits for the community. Because it is worth selling, it has been registered. We are here to prepare for the production,” he explained.

    Asked about the mass production of dentolaser product, Isep explained that this mass production would be carried out as soon as possible and part of the process would be carried out at UNAIR so the process could be used for the teaching industry.

    “UNAIR and PT Sarandi are collaborating for the mass production. The assembling of the electronic series will be carried out at UNAIR, and it can also be used for teaching industry so students can also learn about the industry and entrepreneurship, “explained Isep.

    Dentolaser products have been developed since 2015. At that time, Dyah, Ernie and the team included their research products in the Technology-Based Beginner Entrepreneur Candidate (CPPBT) program.

    Before there were Dentolaser products, dentists usually treated oral and dental diseases using antibiotics. As the nature of antibiotics can lead to resistance, this Dentolaser product has its own advantages. It does not cause resistance, and can reach difficult places in the oral cavity.

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