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    Dentists are struggling to keep up with patient expectations

    As technology advances, it becomes increasingly prevalent in the world today. Therefore patients also progressively expect dental offices to be as technologically advanced. While they may not completely comprehend the benefits of these technology, they are informed about the possible presence of new and upgraded services; and hence will expect these services during their visits to the clinic.

    In truth, 55.2 percent of Canadian dentists have admitted to over-expectations by patients. Patients today are becoming savvy, recognising the benefits of modern equipment have made them aware that it is a benefit to their treatment even though they may be unaware of their exact functions. However, it is challenging and expensive to keep up with these technology; therefore, at present, over a quarter of Canadian dentists have failed to be up to date with these advances. Despite so, patients are not waiting for their regular practice to make strides, instead they will find those that already did. The online social space have made it easy for patients to share their experience, research new technology and understand their options before settling for one.

    In addition, 17.4 percent of dentists are uninformed about their competitors. As such, it is important to research, invest and commit in order to remain competitive. Explore the available digital options and understand your competitors, invest time by strategising and understanding the benefits of the investment. Lastly, dentists should also dedicate to improve their practices.

    Technology is constantly changing. Therefore, it is about be aware that these will ultimately be the norm within the industry. Taking the market into consideration, it can eventually benefit the practice in the digital environment.

    Source: oralhealthgroup 

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