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    Communication FISIP USU holds training on importance of public speaking

    Last 2023, on Saturday 9 September to be precise, the Communication Studies Program of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Universitas Sumatra Utara (USU) took an important step in community engagement. Led by the Department of Communication Studies, a team of dedicated lecturers organized a public speaking training session for 60 students, teachers and the principal of SMA Al Washliyah 1 Medan.

    The training consisted of three main modules: “The Power of Public Speaking”, “Body Language” and “Master of Ceremony/Speech Delivery”. Under the guidance of the Community Engagement Team chaired by Dra. Fatma Wardy Lubis MA, and USU communication science students.

    “Communication is very important and is needed in the world of work, so the ability to speak in public is very necessary,” said Fatma Wardy Lubis. In the presentation of material on public speaking, FISIP USU alumni Iffah Zulfah Imaroh shared insights on mastering the role of master of ceremony (MC).

    According to Iffah, being an MC requires not only a melodious voice, but also a strong personality and intellectual depth. She said that an MC must have extensive knowledge, a large vocabulary, good language skills, and a good personality.

    The training ended with Shevilla Mayori’s presentation on the importance of body language when speaking or presenting in public. She concluded that we cannot gesture carelessly, as it can show disrespect. It is recommended to use the thumb or the whole hand when speaking in public.

    After the informative session, the event continued with a competition involving high school participants. They were given 20 minutes to prepare their speeches, after which they showcased their public speaking talents by giving speeches, MC-ing, and giving reviews.

    To reflect on the experience, one of the participants said he thought the activities organized by Communication USU this public speaking training were very useful for them. Similarly, another participant said that the event was a lot of fun and the games enriched their experience. They felt it helped them correct their mistakes in public speaking.

    Under the guidance of Fatma Wardy Lubis, the team of lecturers from the Communication Science Department, including Moulita and Munzaimah Masril, alongside a psychologist, Raras Sutatminingsih, spearheaded this community engagement initiative. Through such collaborative efforts, the University of Sumatera Utara continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing confident and articulate individuals, contributing to the broader societal development agenda.