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    Chulalongkorn University signs MoU to promote book culture and system for Thailand

    The Institute of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University, has signed an MoU with the Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture, and the Book Studies Foundation to support book culture and book system in Thailand.

    “Chulalongkorn University will take the lead in creating knowledge and innovation for society towards sustainable development.  The university’s missions are to benefit the public by developing people and creating a lifelong learning culture for a sustainable economy and society,” stated Professor Dr Chakkaphan Sutthirat, Vice President for Research Affairs.

    He added, “Creating a book culture would help Thai people be more competitive globally, since reading books will create knowledge that leads to further thoughts, evolutions and change.   Moreover, books build quality people and strengthen the nation’s foundation. Although books and publications may have lost their lustre to some, reading is still an essential skill for social development.”

    “Chulalongkorn University is, therefore, delighted to support this collaboration and hopes that this is a point of beginning for the book culture and the book system to impact Thai society”, concluded Professor Dr Chakkaphan.

    Present to sign the MOU were Professor Dr Chakkaphan Sutthirat, Vice President for Research Affairs, Chulalongkorn University; Mr Chai Nakhonchai, Director-General of Department of Cultural Promotion; and Mr Makut Onrudee, Founder of Book Studies Foundation.  Mr Itthiphol Kunplome, the Minister of Culture, presided over the signing ceremony.