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    CCU’S engagement and innovation of global business

    In response to globalization and internationalization, all countries are facing the challenge of integrating their own talents with the international community. Since English is currently the most important language for international communication, the Taiwanese government aims to enhance the English language skills of the people in order to increase competitiveness globally, promote the bilingual national policy to cultivate more local bilingual talents, and expand the international communication ability and the global vision of talents from Taiwan to become highly competitive throughout the industry.

    In order to enhance the advantages of students under this wave of internationalization and response to government policies, the Chinese Culture University (hereinafter referred to as CCU) has established a benchmarking of bilingual college that combines professional areas of English foreign affairs to offer opportunities to apply English for students, which strengthens students’ motivation to learn English and deepens their international mobility. In addition, by strengthening the recruitment of English-foreign language speaking, teaching and research talents, the school will improve the English teaching, curriculum, research & counseling, and assist in the training of teaching English, as well as establish surroundings for all English professional fields.

    The Global Business Program in CCU offers a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, available through our 5-year BA & MA. The curriculum combines the core competencies and professional subjects provided by College of Business (including international business administration, international finance, economics, accounting, statistics, database management, banking management, marketing, etc.) in order to provide our students with comprehensive and systematic knowledge related to global business. To construct an all-English learning environment and enhance the students’ English proficiency, all courses with the program are taught solely in English, helping the local students enhance English proficiency without paying high expenses to study abroad.

    Additionally, we are honored to present our industry-academia collaboration programs with international enterprises, which provide abundant opportunities, internships, and scholarships to our students. Dual-degree programs and 5-year master programs are also available through our strategic alliance with several universities from U.S., U.K., France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc. An opportunity to study with foreign students allows them to experience diverse cultures. Furthermore, we make great efforts to recruitment of domestic and foreign students, contact with international students, cultivate international outlook and world outlook, so that students can be in line with international standards and enhance international competitiveness as soon as possible.


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