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    AJCUI, the First Non-Agriculture Campus to Launch Urban Farming Corner

    Farming is one of the economic drivers in Indonesia. Agriculture can produce food to fulfill the needs of Indonesian. In urban areas such as Jakarta, farming is rarely done due to limited land.

    Therefore, innovation to make it possible for urban people to do farming was created. The change is called the Urban Farming Corner.

    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) took part in the initiation of the Urban Farming Corner program. AJCUI collaborated with East-West Indonesia to create the first Urban Farming Corner at a non-agriculture campus with a space of 200 m2. The small area was designed so attractively with various kinds of plants.

    The farming corner is located at a corner of Campus 3 BSD. In the future, the corner is planned to be expanded, considering the area of Campus 3 BSD is quite spacious. The Urban Farming Corner can be utilized to support research, especially for the Faculty of Biotechnology and the Faculty of Engineering.

    The inauguration ceremony was attended by rectorates of AJCUI, the Head of Student Affairs from the Faculty of Engineering, Stefani Prima Dias S. T., M. Sc., and the Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Ir. Antonius Suwanto, M. Sc. Prof. Anton also expressed his hope that urban farming would not only be a model but would be recognized as a form of implementation of an essential collaboration.