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    AJCUI Research and Development Center of Tempe

    The Faculty of Biotechnology (FTB) of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) held a workshop with the theme “New Paradigm of Future Food: Nutrition, Micro biotics, and Processing.”

    The head of the workshop, Dr. Ir. Rory A. Hutagalung, DEA, said that this event aimed to see the food paradigm which would occur in the future and create a discussion regarding future innovation in the food field.

    “Considering that Indonesia is rich with resources but is low in processing technology, we invited some speakers who are not only experts in a national food, but also experts in the field of health, medicine, biology, food institutions, and medicine. We can see future food from various perspectives,” he said.

    At the same opportunity, FTB also launched the Research Center of Indonesian Spices and the Research and Development Center of Tempe (P3T). Both these research centers are expected to be primary resources for Indonesian endemic spices.

    “We want to bring tempe as Indonesian fermented food to the global stage so that our traditional food can also be beneficial for the world,” said Anastasya Tati.

    Last July, P3T conducted a community service to Rusunawa. It tried to educate people on how to make healthy tempe correctly. People there enthusiastically welcomed and participated in the activity. P3T hoped that through the workshop, Rusunawa residents could understand how to create and consume good tempe.

    Tati further explained that there are healthy and unhealthy tempe consumed by the public. According to her, healthy tempe is the one produced in a clean environment and is rich with Vitamin B12. “Healthy tempe is the one with nutrition complying with the National Standard of Indonesia (SNI),” she said.

    Commonly tempe is produced from yellowish soy, but P3T has developed tempe from other resources. Moreover, in the process, almond is also included to provide healthier tempe in the market.

    Will this healthy tempe be widely produced and sold? P3T plans to collaborate with Rusunawa and Rumah Tempe Indonesia to create healthy tempe. What important is the products must have good quality so that the general public can consume a good and healthy tempe,” said Tati Anis.