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    R. Rajkumar, Assistant Professor, in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of SRM University, India was motivated  to address the accidents that happen by speed breakers in State Highways. In a country like India, speed breakers are inevitable since feeder roads from surrounding hamlets meet the highway at a level intersection. Many technological solutions have emerged for enhanced safety features on road. New techniques like machine to machine communication, IoT(Internet of Things) are the latest arrivals in technology for ensuring road safety. Recent surveys say that 70 percentage of accidents occurred due to unnoticed speed breakers and more than 11,400 people died in 2015 because of speed breakers.  To prevent the loss of lives of people, an Internet Of Things (IOT) solution is being envisaged, which has a low range FM radio transmitter, that will be mounted close to the speed breaker. FM radio receiver would be fixed in the vehicle. The FM radio receiver will make sound / alert before approaching the speed breaker within a distance of about 100 meters. This device helps the driver and prevents the passengers to be alert for speed breaker in an easy and economical way. In India, if this novel method of IoT enabled speed breakers is implemented, we can increase road safety and we can avoid injuries to passengers and damage to vehicles The idea was presented in 104th Indian Science Congress, which was held at Tirupathi, Andhrapradesh, India, in January, 2017. The technology has been forwarded to National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) for evaluation and implementation.