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    USU’s Faculty of Engineering processes palm oil mill waste through pyrolysis technology

    Indonesia holds one of the largest palm oil commodities in the world, occupying 12.76 million hectares with a sizable area of oil palm estate...

    Lingnan research teams prioritise humanitarian outcomes

    For Lingnan University, one of the most gratifying measures of success is when the results of academic research provide solutions to real-world problems.    That...

    The sosa lysol bottle: a promising innovation against tuberculosis transmission

    Tuberculosis (TB) is a severe health threat as Global Tuberculosis Report by WHO shows that Indonesia is still one of the three countries contributing...

    Laying the building blocks for career success through the best of two worlds

    Hailing from the culturally diverse city of Munich, Franz-Jakob Bodenmeier has found himself a natural fit at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)...

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    Private investment in education will drive further innovation?