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    Zainul Hasan Islamic Sciences Institute Comparative Study at LSP Unusa

    Islamic Sciences Institute of Zainul Hasan (Inzah) Genggong Kraksaan Probolinggo conducted a comparative study at the Professional Certification Institute (LSP) of the Surabaya Nahdlatul Ulama University (Unusa) on 15 April 2019.

    The group led by Chancellor Inzah Genggong Dr. Abd Aziz M Ag, was received by the Director of LSP Unusa, Ir Sukemi accompanied by the Head of Public Relations and Marketing Unusa Mohammad Ghofirin MPd in ​​the LSU Unusa room, 4th floor of the Tower of Unusa Campus B.

    The Chancellor Inzah Abd Aziz said that he needed to learn a lot about the existence of professional certification. This is because there are still many students who have difficulty when entering the workforce in applying their knowledge. “Through this comparative study, we hope that there will be collaborative efforts, so that we have the idea to provide students with a thorough provision,” he said.

    In response to that, Ghofirin welcomed and expressed his gratitude for the visit of the Inzah group.

    “Thank you for giving trust to LSP Unusa with a comparative study at our place. This also gives us confidence to continue to improve quality and give the best to all students and parties who will work with us, “Ghofirin said.

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