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    UNAIR wins 2nd place at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Asia Conference

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Asia Conference is one of the prestigious events held by Harvard University. This event is filled with a variety of interesting activities including seminars, panel discussions, and impact challenges. Being held every year, in 2019, HPAIR Asia Conference was held in Kazakhstan, on August 16-20, 2019.

    One of UNAIR’s best students, Thesalonica Shinta Pramita Natalia Kurniawan Frans, was part of this prestigious event in 2019. She said that she learned information related to HPAIR Asia Conference event via Instagram. She immediately registered through the websiteThesalonica then followed the paper selection and interview stage until she was declared to be a participant.

    Thesalonica had the opportunity to take part in three important events at the HPAIR Asia Conference. She attended a seminar entitled “Passion for Change” which presented speakers from various countries. Notable speakers who attended the seminar included Ban Ki Moon and Muhammad Chatib Basri.

    “I also participated in the panel discussion and impact challenge. For the pannel discussion, I chose the social policy and justice, where the topic focused on the issue of human trafficking, “said Thesalonica.

    In the panel discussion, the Faculty of Law student discussed the issue of refugees with the heads of UNHRC and UNDOC while in the impact challenge, he was placed in the ERG (Eurasian Resource Group).

    “In the impact challenge I discussed urban development reform in a city and looking for solutions to switch to natural gas. Thank God, I managed to get second place, ” she said.

    During the HPAIR Asia Conference, Thesalonica said that she was very grateful for the experience. She had the opportunity to meet many politicians, company leaders, and talented people she would never be able to meet without attending this event.

    “I am also impressed by the hospitality of the Kazakhstani, as well as the embassy staff and the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia,” said the fifth-semester student.

    Thesalonica claimed she gained invaluable experience and insight through the event. She could also establish networks that will be very useful for her in the future.

    “After attending this event, I understand more about the world and people from various backgrounds. I also got the opportunity to discuss complex issues, ” she said.

    At the end of the interview, Thesalonica encouraged the students to always do their best. She also invited students not to give up easily whatever happened. (*)

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