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    Why would a young person want to go to university these days?

    The younger generations today are less likely to enroll in a university or TAFE compared to those before because a tertiary education is now being viewed as an uncertain investment. At present, a mere 54 percent of the young people have plans for a tertiary education, while 3 percent are going for TAFE, according to the Australian Council for Educational Research. It puts you in debt and graduates now tend to face an unwelcoming job market when they enter the workforce. Today, the youth unemployment is at 12.5 percent and youth underemployment is at 17 percent. Skills acquired by new graduates are not fully tapped onto, in addition they are receiving lower starting salaries in comparison to the average salaries over time.

    Tertiary education can help students to widen their perspectives, be motivated,help develop skills needed by the labour force and personal development. Education is not the problem. Rather, the issue is with the present national plan that have been put in place.

    Source: The Age

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