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    Why study visual arts?

    One should study art because it provides the grounds for self-exploration and self-expression, the opportunity to widen perspectives, build mental focus, physical artistry, diminish stress and heighten personal enjoyment. Also, there has been increasing research result demonstrating that through the study of visual arts allow students to attain success in their other courses and meet the demands of modern job market.

    Students in the Visual Arts acquire the skills of comprehending both the ‘big picture’ and its implications. They learn to resolve challenges by defining creative responses and modifications. These are the types of perceptions and abilities that employers and higher education institutions look out for.

    Educators and government acknowledge the importance of helping students establish higher-level skills so that they are able to adapt to the present dynamic work environment and succeed. People must establish a strong skills set including creativity, problem solving, the ability to communicate in different ways, self-discipline, tolerance and critical thinking. Employers are in search for individuals who not only possess creativity and critical thinking skills, but also those who are able to resolve issues, well-articulated, conceptualise, make decisions, learn and rationalise.

    “Don’t overlook education in the arts. There has been a tendency for students today to study the hard sciences, business or computers. An arts training will provide the ability to think logically and that’s the commodity that is in the shortest supply in business. Business and technology change. What you know now may be a long way removed from what you’ll actually be doing. Studying the arts will develop skills that can help you in any career.” – Warren Goldring, Chairman and CEO of AGF Management

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