What is Mobile Learning? Challenges and Opportunities


Over the past decade, mobile phone technology has undergone fast paced development. Steady technological advances have been making breakthroughs into the mobile phone market. M-learning (mobile learning) is the acquisition of knowledge and skills through the use of mobile technology at any given time. However, it does not substitute traditional learning, but is merely another form of learning through the use of new technology.

What can we do with M-Learning?

  • Access documents or document libraries
  • Access quizzes and self-assessment as question or games
  • Participate in lessons and tutorials
  • Receive lectures archived or broadcasted live
  • Access to video clip or audio libraries
  • Read asynchronous postings
  • Exhibit student work
  • Participate in virtual learning communities on the go

At present, M-learning is the most beneficial tool in the ICT field as it takes learning beyond the classroom setting, which can also be perceived as a threat. Therefore, the challenge is to create designs that clearly reflects which is best learnt inside and outside of the classrooms, and methods in which connections between these settings will be made.

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