Video technologies are fundamentally shaping education


According to the latest Kaltura survey, video technologies have been proven to have a continuous influence on K-12 and higher education classrooms due to the heightened achievement, engagement and active content creation among educators and students.

The survey gathered responses from more than 1,000 educators, administrators, students, IT and media staff, and instructional designers.

The survey results showed that respondents believe video technologies increase:

  • Students’ satisfaction with their learning experience (99%)
  • Student achievement (85%)
  • Sense of affiliation of alumni with the institution (70%)
  • Transition of new employees (78%)

While institutions generally use videos for classroom showings, supplementary course material, lecture capture, student assignments, recording students practicing in class and flipped classrooms. Proactive use of videos by students are still at its primeval stage. In addition, most institutions believe that despite students having at least some access to tools required for video creation, the percentile are still lower compared to educators. Only 10 percent of respondents believe students at their institution have full access to dedicated training on video technologies.

Source: ESchool News