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    Using AI to educate, empower and transform future brand human

    Despite the increased literacy rate and move to continuous lifelong learning, the fundamental institutional framework has collapsed and is of minimal value to the shifting landscape of future generations. The escalating technology divide between countries have also make it critical to review the education system. At present, there is an immense gap between education, self-discovering, technology and empowerment.

    AI can therefore be used to reimagine education and assist with self-discovery.

    Re-imagining the education system

    The high drop-out rate from high school and college, and elites in schools not guaranteeing consistent leading performance in offices have identified as the two main challenges in today’s higher education landscape.

    High drop-out rate from high school and college can be attributed to (1) social and/or economic factors (2) difficulties in coping with studies (3) Loss of interest due to a lack of stimulation or challenge in assignments (4) being unable to relate to the subjects and often question the need to study them. Therefore, in such cases, AI can be utilised to analyse and create AI models for heightened engagement, and educational content can be updated to better engage and relate, and personalised according to the needs of students.

    AI can also be used to boost efficiency, redefine pricing models of schools and educators; thereby, moving towards an on-demand education system with refined frameworks of providing reward and measurement of individuals’ skill sets.

    Elites in schools does not guarantee consistent leading performance in offices because these individuals tend to (1) place emphasis on scores rather than learning (2) insecurities towards failure are instilled into human behaviour (3) self-awareness of limitless human potential fail to exist in education. Students tend to be developed to decrease their potential and only work on their needs and wants rather than being interconnected globally and be better empowered. Further, self-discovering of brand human can be developed through the use of reinforced learning through the effective reward system for the purpose of cultivating better beings.

    Source: LinkedIn

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