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    UOP Portable Neck Treatment Device (PNTD)

    University of Petra Patent

    Portable Neck Treatment Device (PNTD)

    A research team from the University of Petra (UOP) has registered a patent for Portable Neck Treatment Device (PNTD) in the US Patent Office.

    The research team, composed of several Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) professors and students, registered the patent with the support from Innovation Center of the faculty of Information technology (FIT) and UOP Scientific Research Support Fund.

    The device is the first of its kind worldwide. It links patients with physicians using the Internet of Things (IoT) and allows physicians to follow-up recovery achieved and set a treatment plan according to the patient’s health status.

    PNTD helps in alleviating neck pain associated with cervical discs, which is automated and can be pre-programmed remotely. In addition, it provides a portable neck treatment device that can apply physical exercises to a patient’s neck. The device includes a back support; a first shoulder engaging portion connected to the back support; a second shoulder engaging portion connected to the back support; a head pad extending from the back support with a front surface and a back surface; a jaw brace mechanically connected to at least one rotary actuator using a suitable coupling mechanism, and to two or more linear actuators; a patient user interface; and a remote user interface, wherein the at least one rotary actuator, the two or more linear actuators, the vibrator, the one or more heating elements, and the patient and remote user interfaces are operably connected to a controller module.

    The research team leader Prof. Ghassan Issa stated that this patent is a good example of the involvement of undergraduate students in research. This patent is fully funded by UOP Scientific Research Support Fund. The team consisted of Prof. Issa, Dr. Abdul Kareem Al Banna, physiotherapist Majed Banna, student Ghayyath Erksosi, Tamara Eljbori, and Sanad Berjawi.

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