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    University study abroad: good for the character and the bank balance

    Parents may feel more distressed about the idea of studying abroad than students themselves. Today students are increasingly enthusiastic about pursuing a degree or spending a semester abroad. Some are all set for an adventure and the opportunity to discover a different culture; while for others, cost is the determining factor. Many people also think that spending time abroad will help in their career advances, according to a British Council study.

    British students can study in many places around the world, with many choosing English-speaking countries as their preferred study destinations. However, currently there has also been an increasingly number of courses taught in English in Europe. Further, now, international students can even study in Germany or Norway at no cost.

    Besides the option of pursuing a full-time degree abroad, British universities have also put in place the Erasmus programme. This placement programme allows students to study in Europe between two and 12 months, generally during their second or third year of school. It provides students with a grant and the amount received will be dependent upon the destination.

    While parents are inclined to place greater emphasis on rebelliousness over life skills, most students do value the benefits of studying abroad . They develop into young, confident and mature adults with great life experience.

    Source: The Guardian

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