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    Universities in India are not meeting educational expectations

    Indian universities are not meeting educational expectations as they are not only disengaged from the industry, their education quality are of substandards. In addition, they are lacking in skills, content and deliverables.

    India is quickly becoming a nation filled with unemployed and unskilled graduates as half of its population aged under 25 are expected to join the labour market soon. Unemployment rate is expected to increase from 10 million in 2011 to 17.7 million by 2017. The scenario is attributed to graduates severe lack in skills, particularly in the areas of problem-solving and decision-making required in the industry today.

    The Centre has the intent to garner a 30% gross enrollment by 2020, an increase of 14 million university places in six years. However, at least 68 percent of universities and 91 percent of colleges are currently graded average or below average in terms of qualified parameters as determined by NAAC. Furthermore, although Indian higher education has reached a point of ‘massification’, the gross enrollment ratio in higher education remains relatively low.

    Low quality teaching and learning, coupled with the constraints in research and innovation are factors hindering the standards of Indian education. The serious gaps in teacher motivation and training resulted in deficiencies in relation to the quality of teachers and their performance. Educators are also insufficiently trained to teach. They lack the proper training required to impart values in children who are the pillars of future economy.

    Source: Bangalore Mirror

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