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May Edition

    Universities as Drivers of Economic Growth

    After announcing the plan to relocate the capital city of Indonesia to Kalimantan, the Indonesian government continues to arrange various economic equality programs all over Indonesia. One of the programs is the development of new economic centers across the country. This was stated by the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono in the Jakarta Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Club forum on Thursday (3/10/2019) which was hosted by Jababeka Group.

    Basuki said that the government would take and utilize the opportunities created through urbanization. According to him, urbanization is the driver of economic growth rather than a social-economic issue.

    Besides Basuki, the forum that was aimed to facilitate corporation and government executives also was attended by the Chairman & Founder of Jababeka Group who is also the Founder of President University S. D. Darmono, the Secretary of President University Foundation Dr. Ir. Chairy, SE., MM., also the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of President University Dr. Endi Haryono, M.Si.

    On this occasion, S. D. Darmono expressed his support to assist the government’s effort to establish new economic centers that could become the solution towards equal distribution of economic growth. He also mentioned his plan to build 100 new cities that would become a significant contribution to economic growth in Indonesia. Within these new cities, Jababeka also planned to build universities.

    Meanwhile, Endi said that the relocation of the capital city becomes an important breakthrough by the government, not only from the economic perspective but also from the political and governance perspectives. “This is a decision that should gain support, both academic supports and business supports, particularly from the private sector,” said Endi.

    Endi continued that the realization of the new capital city will also serve the role as the center of President Joko Widodo’s vision to build Indonesia from the outskirts.

    According to Endi, the development of infrastructure should unite Indonesia into prosperity and universities have an important role to realize it. “Universities are the drivers of economic growth and the advancement of a nation. Therefore, good universities and education will encourage better development of the people, be it in a specific region or as a whole nation,” he explained.

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