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    Universitas Airlangga initiates Indonesia Academy of Management

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – To develop a passion for Management Science in Indonesia, several breakthroughs have been carried out by management experts in Indonesia, including management scientists at Universitas Airlangga. As one of the best universities in Indonesia, UNAIR continues to strive and pioneer the development of various scientific fields.

    In this regard, Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, Ph.D., gave his response as co-chair of “Ph.D. Consortium” held during Asia Academy of Management Conference at Patra Bali Resort, June 19, 2019. UNAIR’s youngest professor said that efforts to develop a passion for management in Indonesia could be made by giving opportunities for management scientists to collaborate with others in the world.

    “One of the important things we can do is taking an active role in Asia Academy of Management,” he said.

    The management professor also said that the Academy of Management (AOM), which was initially based in New York, United States, was followed by various management science activists in the world. In Asia, continued Prof. Badri, there is Asia Academy of Management (AAOM), which gathers top management scientists in Asia.

    “We need to have an institution like that,” said Prof. Badri.

    For this reason, Prof. Badri, as one of the parties with significant contribution to Indonesian management science, initiated Indonesia Academy of Management (IAOM) with other management experts. IAOM is expected to be a medium to gather management scientists in Indonesia for collaboration and bring national issues to the world.

    “At least the level of publication can be equivalent to the global level scientists’ research,” he stated.

    Furthermore, asked about IAOM activities in the future, Prof. Badri said that the activities would be similar to AAOM. There will be conferences, workshops, joint researches, and many other academic activities.

    “We want management science in Indonesia to develop better. We should not only refer to the works of researchers from other countries but also from Indonesian researchers as well,” he stated.

    Regarding Indonesia Academy of Management, Vice Rector II Universitas Airlangga, Dr. Muhammad Madyan, SE, M.Si., M.Fin., on behalf of UNAIR Rector emphasized that he fully supported the presence of Indonesia Academy of Management (IAOM).

    “As one of the initiators of IAOM, we strongly support the efforts to improve the quality of our management’s scientific research so that it is known better to the world,” he stated in his opening remarks of AAOM 2019.

    The conference is held from June 19 to June 21, 2019 and attended by 667 participants from 27 countries such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, USA, Singapore, South Korea, Netherlands, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Denmark, Pakistan, New Zealand, UAE, Bangladesh , France, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, Norway, Philippines, Scotland, Switzerland, Vietnam. It was a collaboration of Asia Academy of Management – Universitas Airlangga  – Pertamina University.

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