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    UNITEN Green Millennial Exhibition 2019 (UGME) generates Malaysia millennial green innovators

    In an effort to sustain the globe, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) proudly organized UNITEN Green Millennial Exhibition (UGME). UGME was held from 22 to 24 of March 2019. An objective of UGME is to generate green millennials with a hope that this group of people will produce more ideas and solutions to overcome our current environmental issues.
    The positive effect of green technologies is supposed to decrease the problems with the exhaustion of natural resources. The implement of new technologies that preserve the natural resources will be beneficial for the general health of our planet and for the well-being of people.
    UGME has three events: Arduino Workshop, Robotics Competition, and Innovation Competition. All of these events were held simultaneously. The exhibition receives various participants across the country aged between 13 and 16 years were the major participants for this event.
    The first event, Arduino workshop. The objective of the Arduino workshop is to expose students about the basics of programming using Arduino along with a simple application. Knowledge about Arduino is an essential key in today’s advancement in technology. The methods used in this workshop are hands-on and practical; they are learning by doing. This method is crucial, the participants able to boost their creativity and skills.
    The second event was a Robotic competition. The objectives of Robotic competition are to test the capability of students to overcome challenges and help the student to sharpen critical thinking and analytical skill. This also helps students to be more focus on performing the various task given. There were 2 sections are needed to be completed. Section 1 requires participants to do simple programming and the challenge was released on the day of the event. Section 2 requires the robot to battle with another robot in a sumo challenge. However, if the participants failed to pass Section 1, they can still proceed to Section 2 but marks will be deducted. The prizes range from RM1000 to RM100.
    Finally, the objective of innovation competition is to generate new fresh ideas or innovating existing ideas. This also makes students be alert of the current problems that can be solved.

    The closing ceremony was officiated by Dato’ Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Zamri Yusoff, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs, Alumni and Management, UNITEN.

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