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    Unique Algorithms of Managing Enterprises Operating with the Internet of Things

    Success in any business sphere depends on the efficiency of managerial decisions. The project of South Ural State University’s scientists will allow improving the quality of management at high-tech defense enterprises and at companies developing “the markets of the future”.

    Scientists of SUSU’s School of Economics and Management developed an algorithm which allows making maximally correct managerial decisions. Co-author of the project Prof. Yulia Babanova told us about the advantages of this new method.

    “In high-tech companies, venture decisions play a huge role. Our algorithm of management system for economic and financial activity of high-tech enterprises allows evaluating the role of non-material resources.”

    The calculated part of the algorithm is based on the platform of Microsoft Office Excel. We carry out monthly analysis of current indicators and annual analysis of strategy indicators. This operation helps to determine how much an enterprise’s activity complies with the goals set for the nearest several years.

    The algorithm can be applied at high-tech enterprises of IT sphere and during the work with the “Internet of Things” as well as in manufacturing products for markets of the future such as NeuroNet, TechNet, AutoNet, etc.

    The algorithm developed by SUSU scientists can be used for choosing strategy projects of high-tech companies’ development and for evaluating their efficiency. This algorithm together with other management tools is a basis of the Quick Response Management concept, which is being successfully implemented by SUSU scientists for Russian companies.


    Source: www.susu.ru/en

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