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    Unika Atma Jaya Collaborates with ALZI to Increase Awareness in Youth for Dementia

    Unika Atma Jaya in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Indonesia Foundation (ALZI) conducted a program to increase youth awareness of the risk of dementia caused by lifestyle since young through the ELPHIE campaign (Elevate, Love, Passion, Humanity, Inclusivity, Engage ) Youth. This campaign launched in conjunction with the Public Discussion: Stop Senile at a Young Age.  This public discussion is also part of a series of events at Atma Jaya Catholic University celebrating 60 years of Atma Jaya’s age (Lustrum XII).

    “The young generation plays a vital role in improving the quality of life of ODD, the elderly, and themselves. With the ELPHIE Youth campaign, we expect the younger generation to enhance the quality of being themselves.  We hope they are maintaining their physical and mental health. So, they can actively contribute their diverse expertise to create a dementia-friendly and elderly-friendly environment in Indonesia, “said DY Suharya , Asia Pacific Alzheimer’s Regional Director and Alzheimer’s Indonesia Founder.

    Rector of Unika Atma Jaya A. Prasetyantoko stated the form of support for ALZI is a concrete step and examples of practice good collaboration between civil society and Higher Education institutions.  Atma Jaya Alzheimer’s Indonesia Center for Excellence (ATZI) established since 2018. A shared space to access information and complete education related to ODD, to give birth to movements and advocacy that are based on research and become useful data for policymakers, especially in the health sector.  UAJ is determined to continue to collaborate with various parties to educate and network specifically about Alzheimer’s. Also, the campus as a place for young educated people is a great model for change agents. That is why Unika Atma Jaya is committed as the center of the youth movement to make social change. The future potential of young people who are aware of dementia and Alzheimer is significant for future findings that are impactful and relevant to the nation.

    In addition to the ELPHIE Youth campaign, ALZI also introduced an educational book, “Stop Senile at a Young Age,” as well as collaborating with the BenihBaik.com fundraising platform to facilitate the distribution of aid to ODD.

    Dr. Yuda Turana, Sp.S as the author of a book titled “Stop Senile at a Young Age,” said that there are many ways to minimize the risk of senile that can have an impact on dementia. “Various research facts show the factors of hypertension, diabetes, smoking, lack of sleep, stress, and loneliness will cause the brain to shrink faster. Exercise, nutrition, and healthy living habits can prevent decline, “he explained. He also gave various tips to avoid senility from a young age in the book.

    Meanwhile, Andy F. Noya, as the CEO of BenihBaik.com said “I salute ALZI, who invites us all to care for the quality of our parents and their campaign. “We, BenihBaik.com, welcome ALZI’s cooperation to together improve the quality of life of ODD and prevent dementia. May this activity be of concern to all parties. “

    Many young people also supported the ELPHIE Youth movement. One of them is a young couple, Handikin and Pao, as the initiators of the Everest for Alzi movement, mountain climbing activities for social missions to help ODD. Last year, they succeeded in conquering the summit of Mount Everest and collecting Rp.198 million to donate to ALZI.

    “We hope our story can inspire other young people to reduce the risk of decline. We believe that cool young people are those who care about their parents and are willing to contribute their expertise, which has an impact on physical and mental health, “said Handikin and Pao.

    The CEO of Alzheimer’s Disease International, Paola Barbarino, also appreciated The ALZI activities. She expressed his congratulations for the cooperation that has been fostered with partners to continue to encourage the involvement of young people concerned about dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    ALZI and Unika Atma Jaya also continue their collaboration by signing the MOU, which was a continuation of the partnership. In this MOU, the main activities are advocacy for youth involvement, training or capacity building, and research. The capacity building design for health workers and family caregivers conducted online (atmazeds.atmajaya.ac.id) or workshop; caregiver dementia modules will augment this. Meanwhile, youth involvement activities will cross various study programs that work voluntarily in the community with ALZI. Research in the near term will develop policy research activities in collaboration with the Institute of Public Policy, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Atma Jaya University.

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