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    Understand Schizophrenia Disorders Through Film Festivals

    Mental health is a complex problem and can be experienced by everyone regardless of age, gender, education level, occupation, and others. The range of mental health problems is also extensive, ranging from minor complaints to disturbances and threats to life, such as suicidal behavior.

    Cases of severe mental illness, in general, require treatment from a psychiatrist. To maintain the mental health of the community in general, including individuals with typical complaints of problems, mental health care efforts can be done through discussion platforms and submitted by various mental health observers. Starting from mental health experts, other health workers, social workers, and laypeople who are trained and concerned with mental health issues. Thus, anyone can make this effort with the appropriate platform.

    Faculty of Psychology Postgraduate Program of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia annually holds a Soul Projection Week (Projiwa), which aims to be a place to equate the views of various disciplines, professions, mental health observers, as well as people with mental disorders and their families. In Projiwa, discussions are held every year on mental health issues in Indonesia through screening films.

    On January 17, 2020, a film festival titled “Behind the Story of People with Schizophrenia” was held at the Multimedia Building of Semanggi Campus, Atma Jaya University. The event attended by judges from Middlesex University London, DR. Erminia Colucci. This film making program is part of a research project on mental health in Ghana and Indonesia. The study has obtained ethical approval from Middlesex University (UK), Ghana University (Ghana), and Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia).

    Three of the best participants selected the eleven participants. They are:

    • 1st place: Yossy Meilisa Abigail (student) & Hadi Sucarso (KPSI) with the film title “Hadi’s Schizophrenia Story.”
    • Champion 2: Annisa Gifi Rahmanta (student) & Ayna Alifia Rahmah (KPSI) with the film title “Nuraga”
    • 3rd place: Stevani (student) & Siti Anisah (KPSI partner) with the title of the film “My Pain, Schizophrenia”

    The Dean of Faculty of Psychology at Atma Jaya University, Dr. Angela Oktavia Suryani, said that she hoped this activity could increase public awareness and understanding of mental health issues and their handling.  Particularly in the context of Indonesian society and culture, through film work (filmmaking) and discussion on film relevant to mental health issues.

    “Through activities with methods like this can help deliver more messages to the public to be able to understand people with schizophrenic disorders. On the other hand, we must also always support them,” said Dr. Angela.

    On the other hand, this activity can open space for mental health professionals, mental health issues observers, and people with mental health problems to discuss mental health issues in Indonesia in terms of social, cultural, and political contexts.