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    UNAIR Students Create an ENT Diagnosis App

    Muhyiddin Ubaidillah, a student of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Universitas Airlangga (FST UNAIR) together with the team has created an application to help with ENT disease diagnosis. The application, named “ExSyDiENT: Expert System application for Diagnosis of ENT Disease with Android-based Certainly Cactor Method“, has won a Gold Award and Best International Project at Idea Regeneration Expo 2019 (MSU iREX 2019), , held from16th to 17th December 2019, at Management & Science University, Malaysia.

    According to Ubaid, the application is in the form of a system with admin and user. With the admin’s task as an expert who can add, delete or change data in the system.

    “The innovation is that in this system there are ordinary users and admins, the admin is the expert who can add, delete or change data in the system,” said the Information Systems student.

    In the process, the application was built with the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and java programming languages. Then it is uploaded to the server so it becomes public. “It is built using php and java programming languages, then uploaded to the server so that it can become public,” said the final year student.

    Ubaid said that in the process, one of the difficulties faced by him and the team was lack of references. There are very limited references to the disease. Moreover, the field is also different from Information Technology (IT).

    Ubaid also revealed that the application has been tested with the team. Furthermore, the application can also be accessed through the web.

    With this application, Ubaid hopes that consequent innovations of IT in various fields such as health can be passed on by other students so that they can benefit the community.

    The application can be accessed through the following web pages: exsydient.hogivano.web.id

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