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    UNAIR Postgraduate School Holds International Conference on Management of COVID-19

    Universitas Airlangga Postgraduate School (UNAIR) invited various experts to discuss the impact and solution of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was held on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 via Zoom was titled “Update Management in Covid-19 Pandemic”.

    UNAIR Postgraduate School specifically invited various experts from universities in Indonesia. The forum was also attended by the Vice-Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Emil Elisianto Dardak as the keynote speaker and also several experts from related institutions in Indonesia and Malaysia.

    Dr. Theresia Indah Budhy, S.drg., M.Kes.,the head of organizer, said that by bringing up the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic, they can learn lessons about the pandemic.

    “There has been a high number of Covid-19 cases reported. So there is a need for a strategy of prevention and proper treatment and management of Covid-19 from the start of infection, during infection, during the treatment period, recovery, and after recovery, ” she said.

    According to Theresia, the population problem in Indonesia is very complex. It can be called a city big host, covering socio-economic, criminal, and political aspects. So it requires a thorough strategy from the basic level to the intermediate level. “Community at the family level is also a burden on the community,” she elaborated.

    Vice Governor of East Java Emil explained that on September 21, 2020, 41,076 people in East Java were confirmed with infection, also 7,285 suspects, from the Rapid Test specimens reaching 933,082 and PCR samples at 293,235. Emil said that East Java is working hard to tackle Covid-19.

    “The percentage of recovery in East Java was estimated at 81.74 percent with a death rate of 7.28 percent which is a good change,” said Emil. “The number of cases added as of September 21 was over 368 with more than 341 people recovered,” he added.

    On that occasion, Emil also encouraged the public to always maintain health and personal hygiene. If there is a need to be outdoors, he urged the public to always use a mask and use a hand sanitizer. The public is also advised to always keep their distance because the pandemic is not over yet.

    Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Sri Iswati, SE., M.Si., Ak., Director of UNAIR Postgraduate School said that in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, UNAIR Postgraduate School has provided research-based products.

    “The products are research-based in student lectures through institutional programs and cooperation with international and national institutions,” said the lecturer of Accounting.

    The conference, she continued, was a manifestation of UNAIR science application with a multidisciplinary perspective to contribute to various national and humanitarian problems.

    “By conducting research to produce the best solutions for humanity, by scheduling conferences, and collaborating with other multidisciplinary graduates, and by gaining ore trust,” she concluded.

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