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    UNAIR Medicine Lecturers Create Online Learning Media

    Dr Moh. Nurdin Zuhri, lecturer of Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, and his team has tried to innovate an online-based learning app for students and professionals of Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, and Midwifery education.

    “The name is KulOn, which stands for Online College. At this early stage, we are still only targeting health science students, “ said Nurdin.

    Nurdin and his team started the development of KulOn in 2018. Although it is still a new app, it has provided many features, including videos, teaching materials, practice questions, to tryouts that are tailored to the curriculum in Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, and Midwifery education.

    “Then, there is a workshop feature that displays various videos about certain skills, for example, how to sew body parts and how to enter the operating room,” he added.

    Apart from learning features, KulOn also accommodates lecturers and professional organizations if they want to make online seminars that can be accessed by the public.

    Moreover, KulOn app conducts its learning with an audio-visual concept. “We filter the material and convey it briefly. The material duration is around seven minutes, so it is more effective,” said Nurdin.

    Not only doctors or health workers; on several occasions, KulOn has also organized other segments for the general public.

    “For the public program, it is called Expert Sharing, and the response was good. There were 1000 people who joined the program,” he said.

    To attract more users, the Universitas Brawijaya alumnus said that KulOn also provides several facilities, such as vouchers, referral codes for members, and points.

    However, Nurdin admits that the team often experience problems during the process of developing KulOn. “Making the app is complicated. The process takes a long time because it requires collaboration from many parties, “explained Nurdin.

    “The most frequent complaint from users is that the app is relatively slow sometimes. Therefore, we continue to update the server and fix things that are missing,” he continued.

    Furthermore, Nurdin said that he intended to collaborate with professional organizations, such as Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI), Medical Specialist Associations, and related parties to make curriculum adjustments.

    “KulOn application has iOS and Android versions. More than 2800 people have downloaded it. In the future, we also want to try to explore other fields outside of health science education, such as economics and business, “said Nurdin.


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