UNAIR Lecturers with Indonesian Pharmacist Association, Surabaya Produce and Distribute Hand Sanitizer for Community


To meet the shortage of hand sanitizers during COVID-19 pandemic, several lecturers from Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga (FF UNAIR) together with the Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI) Surabaya held a social service movement called ‘Fight Covid-19′ on April 5, 2020. IAI Surabaya members prepared about 1,100 bottles of hand sanitizers which were then distributed to the community.

“We chose hand sanitizer because many people had difficulty in getting it. In addition, there are still many ordinary people who are less aware of the importance of washing their hands and using a hand sanitizer, “said Dr. Liza Pristianty, M.Si., Apt., lecturer of FF UNAIR and Head of IAI Surabaya.

Produced by Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga

Several UNAIR FF lecturers participated in the activity. The hand sanitizer was made at Faculty of Pharmacy Building, Campus C UNAIR by Dr. Retno Sari, M.Sc., Apt, and then distributed to the community.

Liza explained that the process of formulating and manufacturing hand sanitizers was carried out carefully with adequate equipment.

“In its making, we use adequate tools so the alcohol content can be reduced 70% and the quality is guaranteed,” said Liza.

The packaged hand sanitizer is then distributed through pharmacies in Surabaya. This was done to avoid crowds of people. In total there are around 100 pharmacies participating in this social service activity.

“In addition to distributing hand sanitizers to the community around the pharmacy, the pharmacists on duty also provide counseling related to cleanliness and the need to wash hands. Hopefully, the public can be more aware of the importance of handwashing habits at a time like this, “said Liza.

Alhamdulillah, the community is very enthusiastic. Hopefully, this method is effective to educate the public, ” she continued.

Not to forget, Liza conveyed her message to the public regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. She invited all people to always follow the government’s advice to stay at home and keep their distance.

“Don’t forget to always wear a mask and wash your hands often,” she concluded.