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    UNAIR Floating Hospital Heads for Donggala

    Ksatria Airlangga Floating Hospital (RSTKA) has decided to head for Donggala, Central Sulawesi, to provide relief efforts to the casualties of earthquakes and tsunami. The floating hospital developed by Alumni of Universitas Airlangga left for Makassar first from Alor Island on Saturday, September 29.

    “We considered Palu and Donggala needed help more so we changed our course to Donggala,” said dr. Agus Harianto, SpB, Director of RSTKA.

    Agus explained that as planned, the floating hospital will conduct relief efforts by providing medical specialist treatments to residents of remote islands in Eastern Indonesia. The activity has been been done since September 19 and it was expected to finish on November 3, 2018.

    The hospital was expected to dock at small islands such as Nusa Penida, Alor, Lirang, Wetar, Kisar, Leti, Moa, Lakor, West Luang, East Luang, Sermata, Babar, Banda, and Wakatobi. It has only docked and successfully given services at Nusa Penida Island and Alor Island.

    There was a change of plan due to disaster happening at Palu and Donggala. The floating hospital changed its course and headed for Donggala as immediate response is really needed.

    It had to cover 730 miles to Donggala and it is estimated to arrive there after 3 or 4 days.

    According to dr. Christrijogo Sumartono, dr.,SpAn.,KAR, Head of Ksatria Medika Airlangga Foundation, there were ten volunteers sent to Makassar to support the floating hospital.  They will be flown to Palu with Hercules airplane.

    The volunteers are Djoko Winarno, Ns., Yoppie Prim Avidar, dr., SpAn., M. Hardian Basuki, dr., SpOT., Shohibul Hilmi, dr., SpOT., Gozali Asparin, Ns., Wayan Dhea Agastya, dr., Randy Yusuf Pratama Putra, Ns., Yos Kowara, dr., Lejar Gumawang, Ns., and Anang Wijaya, Amd.Kep.

    Christrijogo said that the floating hospital will dock at the Makassar port for fuels, medical and non-medical equipment, such as tents, medicine, bandages and other things needed by the casualties.

    The Secretary of Foundation dr. Suwaspodo Henri Wibowo, dr., Ap.An., MARS., also informed that the floating hospital has been given access to dock in any ports from Directorate General of Maritime Transport of Ministry of Transportation as stated in telegram by Dirjen Hubla number TX-21/IX/DN-18 dated September 24, 2018.

    In the telegram, the ports’ officials are encouraged to support the floating hospital in any way needed, by giving easy access to necessary documents for loading.

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