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    UNAIR Expert Produces Safe and Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant Liquid

    A while ago, the public was alerted with the controversy over liquids used in disinfection chambers as some of the content in the solutions actually pose a risk to health. As a response to this issue, Dr. Muji Harsini Dra., M.Si , a lecturer in UNAIR Faculty of Science and Technology initiated the production of safe and environmentally friendly antiseptic liquid, for disinfection chambers.

    Dr. Muji revealed the making of environmentally friendly antiseptic liquid for disinfection chambers is an effort to prevent COVID-19. Salt ion antiseptic solution can kill and sterilize the user’s nose and throat during inhalation without causing difficulty of breathing, or irritation to the skin.

    “All this time, we can easily find disinfectants in the market such as pine oil, phenol, NaOCl, H 2 O 2, and Ethanol. But these material have side effects for the body and health. Therefore, we use anolyte as disinfectant liquid material that is safe and environmentally friendly, “she said

    Anolyte, she added, is the result of electrolysis of salt solution (NaCl). It functions as a disinfectant liquid that can clean and has an advantage over other chlorine compounds. This liquid does not have side effects for humans and animals, ensuring there is no poison and can decompose by itself without having to pollute the environment.

    “Anolyte disinfectant is clinically proven 100 times more effective than cleaning with bleach and kill 99% more bacteria, viruses, germs and other dangerous disease carriers,” she explained.

    Dr. Muji also revealed that anolyte is also often used in drinking water treatment, chicken farming, shrimp farming, food processing, sewage, hospital sanitation, and other processes. Meanwhile, in its hospital application, anolyte is used to wash hands, soak and wash, decontaminate water storage and work pipes, wash and soak feet, clean rough surfaces and decontaminate ultrasound equipment, wash mattresses and wheelchairs, and many others use.

    Anolyte is made through electrochemical activation (Electro-Chemical Activation = ECA) which was patented for the first time in Russia and developed for more than 40 years. The activation process uses water, salt, and electricity so that it can produce strong and natural disinfectant content.

    “Anolyte with active HOCl has a pH between 2.5-5 or pH <5 and is good for health. So in the future, we will continue to produce it and so far we can produce 80 liters every hour, ” she concluded. (*)

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