UNAIR Collaborates to Develop COVID-19 Stress Detection Tool


Department of Public Dental Health (IKGM) of Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitas Airlangga collaborates with the team of kelola.net. to build a COVID-19 stress detection tool.

The measuring tool is a web-based measurement tool that is practical and can be accessed anytime and anywhere just by accessing https://kelola.net/kelola-stres/ from a gadget or laptop.

“COVID-19 can greatly worsen the situation in society, this can be caused by the emergence of excessive anxiety due to too much exposure to news, causing people to become more fragile and stressed. It even has a negative impact on the body, “said Dr. Taufan Bramantoro, drg., M. Kes, Head of FKG UNAIR Department of Public Dental Health (IKGM).

According to Taufan, the problem is that there are two types of stress. One that can be felt while another type may not be felt. However, both forms of stress can negatively impact the body.

“Came an idea to develop tools to measure stress levels while providing solutions that were also released by the World Health Organization or WHO,” he continued.

“Stressful conditions also have the potential to worsen the condition of people who are actually healthy, so they need to be controlled,” said Taufan.

CEO of Kelola.net Farkhan Azmi, drg., M. Kes said that by identifying stress levels and knowing solutions according to WHO directives, the level of anxiety in society, in general, can be reduced. Meanwhile, for those people under surveillance (ODP), patients under treatment (PDP), as well as confirmed patients, the tool is expected to improve their hopes of recovery.

“This measurement is the result of our collaboration, kelola.net with the FKG UNAIR Department of Public Dental Health and the Indonesian Society of Dental Health Specialization (IPKESGIMI),” continued 2006 FKG alumnus.

Interestingly, the inspiration for this collaboration to develop this tool came from an article by Professor Abdulrachaman of Faculty of Medicine, UNAIR.

The article published in Tempo Daily on 27 March 2020 was titled  “Corona, Respiratory, and Anxiety Threat” on March 27, 2020.

In the article, Professor Abdurachman had opinionated that COVID-19 can cause anxiety which can worsen the condition in the community and can also have adverse effects on health. It can suppress the immune system which is the main defense weapon of the human body against coronavirus. In his article, he also invites the readers to build optimism against anxiety and embrace faith in winning against this pandemic.