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    UMY broke MURI record of “Most Modern Mosque Designs”

    The Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Faculty of Techniques (FT UMY) is now listed in the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) after creating the most amount of modern mosque designs, in the form of 48 designs and 591 essays. These works were created by 680 new FT UMY students during their Ta’aruf period (Mataf) from August 26 to 28 2019. The record was made official in MURI Plaque number 9142/R.MURI/VIII/2019 on Wednesday (28/8).

    The manager of MURI Office Semarang, Sri Widayati stated that this is the first time such a feat has been done. According to Sri, the act of designing mosques, both in sketch or essay form, has never been written in MURI. “So this is the first time it has happened with the most participants,” Sri clarified during the plaque’s procession in UMY Central Campus.

    Meanwhile, the UMY Vice-Rector of Academics Dr. Ir. Sukamta, MT., IPM., stated that this is the tenth record UMY has attempted. He also stated that all of UMY’s records were more than attempts for recognition. They were meant to prove that anyone can accomplish incredible feats, including new students of UMY. “We do this for more than just a certificate. We want to invite you to innovate on your very first day in the Faculty of Techniques,” He stated.

    In addition, he also invited all new students to think forward and continue to innovate. Sukamta also mentioned that the topic of the record was mosque design because mosques are where Muslims pray and are the foundations of Islamic Civilization. For that, UMY must be a modern university, starting from its mosques.

    The activity was a form of innovation to create a mosque with modern infrastructures, which will allow the public and the flock to pray and increase their Islamic and technological competency. The modern infrastructure of the mosque can hopefully facilitate the public and the flock to increase their competency and numbers, so they could improve the welfare of everyone. (ak)

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