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    UiTMLaw Navigates the New Norms of Legal Education

    UiTMLaw’s commitment to the health and welfare of the members of its faculty has always been unquestionable as the faculty navigated through an unprecedented situation due to the pandemic.

    UiTMLaw was steadfast in prioritizing the delivery of teaching and learning at the onset of this daunting challenge. While the technology serves as the catalyst for seamless migration of face to face learning to a virtual platform, access to high-quality digital content is pivotal to online education, especially during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

    Thriving in this unprecedented time, UiTMLaw established the [email protected] task force, which was led by the Dean herself, Associate Professor Dr Hartini Saripan. The team was tasked with identifying areas of support necessary for the successful development, delivery and access to various open and distance learning (ODL) approaches.

    In order to ensure smooth implementation of teaching and learning activities, such recommended approaches, as well as guidelines to e-learning were produced. These specific online learning tools for law, supplemented well developed existing UiTM frameworks and tools. Hence support facilities and infrastructure to handle both synchronous and asynchronous learning, constant communication were maintained between the management, academic and administration staff, as well as students via UiTMLaw’s landing page.

    The landing page becomes a One-stop Information Centre providing updates on the contingency plans for teaching and learning by providing access to guidelines and all online learning platforms in use which facilitated the teaching and learning process for students and lecturers.

    UiTMLaw’s e-learning also incorporated existing well-known audio-visual approaches in delivering teaching and learning by adopting platforms such as YouTube, Zoom, Google Meets, and Telegram to ensure effective teaching and learning process for the students. Various webinars were conducted to equip the lecturers with the necessary skills to promote effective teaching approach.

    The current battle against the pandemic is far from over and UiTMLaw seeks to continue exploring and expanding the utilization of technology to improve the delivery of education.

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